About Boehm’s Candies

The Garbusjuk familyCarrying on the legacy of Julius Boehm, Bernard Garbusjuk has owned and operated Boehm’s Candies for over 40 years. Bernard and Julius’ similar experiences immigrating to the United States from Europe united them in a special bond. For nearly 10 years prior to Julius’ death in 1981, Bernard worked closely under Julius. During this time, he not only learned the special recipes of Boehm’s confections, but also grew to love and appreciate the unique history and charm that makes Boehm’s Candies the attraction that it is today.

Bernard not only comes from a long line of Austrian candy makers, giving him the innate ability to learn the delicate craft of chocolate making, but also underwent extensive culinary training in Germany. After working as Julius’ assistant, Bernard became head candy maker, running the daily production. To this day, as owner of Boehm’s Candies, he continues to work closely with the candy makers, developing new confections and jumping back into the kitchen as a candy maker when needed.

Boehm’s Candies is truly a place of tradition, as even most of the day time staff have been with the company for over 20 years. Bernard is now passing this legacy on to his children, Tyson and Narissa, who have grown up in the business.

Boehm’s Candies has been an active member of the Issaquah community for almost 70 years, and a member of the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce for over 40 years. As an essential part of the community since 1956, Boehm’s has donated to local organizations and causes, employed over 1,000 Issaquah area youth, and hosted events such as the Issaquah Chamber’s Chocolate, Wine, and All That Jazz.

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