12 piece Specialty Pack


This limited edition gift box contains three of our best-loved specialty chocolates (4 pieces of each):

30% Milk Chocolate with a blend of nibs – This light, classic milk chocolate with a blend of cacao nibs from Ghana and a caramelized nib streusel will develop in your mouth into a rich, dark finish.  If you bite and immediately enjoy the little wafers, the nibs will have a crunchy, nutty sensation.  If you let the piece melt and develop in your mouth, the formerly nutty nibs will melt away and become part of the couverture.

72% Coucher du Soleil – A bittersweet chocolate blend with a full bodied flavor and clean finish.

38% Soleil d’Or – A rich milk chocolate blend with creamy caramel accents and a hint of cinnamon.

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