Asin Tibuok


Asin Tibuok … The ultimate foodie find.

Boehm’s Candies is proud to be one of only a handful of professionals in the US to introduce this unique salt from the Philippines.

Made with an old form of preservation once used for trade, the Asin Tibouk is nearly impossible to obtain for any price.

This unique, “unbroken” artisanal sea salt is a culinary prized possession with only around 800 units available worldwide per year.  It takes months from waterproofing the coconut casing in salt water to a final full day to evaporate the sea salt into the beautiful final salt ‘dinosaur egg’ presentation.

Your purchase will support the small Philippine farmer while also becoming the perfect exclusive gift for the culinary connoisseur or a rare and functional showpiece for your own gourmet kitchen.

Specially priced for a limited time for only $99.00.


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