Truffles 1/4 lb Bulk for Pick up Only


Available for pick up only!  

A quarter pound of our famous hand-dipped truffles.  Our truffle centers are made with chocolate, real whipping cream and all liquor truffles are made with real liquor.

If more than one quantity is chosen of the same type we will automatically put together in a larger bag.  ie. if you select a quantity of 2 quarter pound increments of Milk Original Truffles you will receive a half pound in one bag.  If you wish to have them in separate 1/4lb bags please note this at check out in the Order Notes section.

**This item is not suitable for shipping or a gift, as it comes in a bulk over-the-counter bag.  Please see our giftboxes for shipping or gift presentations**


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  • Amaretto – Italian almond liquor with dark chocolate center and a Boehm’s logo on top in Milk or Dark chocolate.
  • Chipotle – Chocolate center with chipotle oil and spice topped with a pink luster dust in Dark only.  Discontinued
  • Edelweiss – A smooth filbert (hazelnut) paste center with an Edelweiss chocolate disc in White only.
  • Grand Marnier – French orange liquor and dark chocolate center with loose swirl on top in Milk or Dark chocolate.
  • Hennessey – French cognac brandy with dark chocolate center, finished with figure eight stringing in Milk or Dark chocolate.
  • Irish Cream – Irish cream liquor with white chocolate center, hand dipped in dark chocolate with milk chocolate stripes.
  • Kahlua – Mexican coffee liquor with white chocolate center and a fish hook top in Milk or Dark chocolate.
  • Mocha – Coffee flavoring with dark chocolate center -no liquor.  Cacao nib bits sprinkled on top Dark chocolate only.  
  • Original – Dark chocolate center -no liquor.  Tight swirl on top in Milk or Dark chocolate.
  • Raspberry – Real raspberry pulp with white chocolate center.  Comes in White or Dark chocolate with Pink stripes.
  • Rum – Rum liquor in dark chocolate center with zig zag stripe in Milk or Dark chocolate.
  • Strawberry – Real strawberry pulp with white chocolate center.  Comes in Dark chocolate with White piping design.
  • Vinegar – Dark chocolate center with a blend of four unique balsamic vinegars in Milk chocolate only.


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