Chocolate Chip Bags


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Try our decadent chocolate chips, available in 6-ounce bags. Take your baking to the next level (or just snack on them, we won’t tell).

Varieties include:

  • Obsession White 30%
  • Cambra Dark Chocolate 72%
  • Santé Dark chocolate 72% (made with coconut sugar)


The higher the percentage of cacao, the more intense the chocolate flavor.

    • $
      30% cacao - Belgian white chocolate chips

1 review for Chocolate Chip Bags

  1. Karen Henton

    I have purchased thousands of dollars of candy from Boehm’s in Issaquah over the past 17 years. I haven’t been in since the pandemic began, but I just discovered the on-line ordering. This is European chocolate at it’s finest. I am excited to receive my order. I plan to make homemade biscotti and drizzle the pieces with Boehm’s white and milk chocolate.

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