Chocolate Covered Liquorice


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Our chocolate covered licorice is a one of a kind specialty treat.  Australian liquorice is covered in Boehm’s blend of dark chocolate.  A unique combination that is surprisingly addictive!  Choose from a 12 oz. bag of either classic black or strawberry.


5 reviews for Chocolate Covered Liquorice

  1. Maria

    These are my absolute favorites! The combination of red fruit with chocolate is just divine. I have been a huge fan of them for about 12 years. I love them so much that I now purchase large quantities of them when I am home in the States and take them with me to my current home in Thailand. If you haven’t tried the red ones yet, do yourself a favor and buy a bag. You will thank yourself for it! 🙂

  2. MALEE

    This chocolate covered liquorice is divine ~~~ the best ever.

  3. deneen

    These deserve a 10 star rating.These candies are the perfect mix of chocolate and liquorice. This lovely combination of sweet is something you don’t want to miss out on. The customer service is amazing and they are happy to work with me to get me the cheapest shipping option from WA to MI. I am a happy customer

  4. Tracy vogt

    The best licorice you’ll ever find.

  5. Todd Leighton

    These are melt in your mouth, wonderful, liquorice that is the best I have ever found. There just isn’t anything better than this combination of flavors when they melt together! I always buy a few bags to take home with me when I can stop by the store and now I’m ordering online and will keep a regular supply to satisfy my sweet tooth regularly.

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