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Need great chocolate to bake or make confections with, or just enjoy? Look no further! Our creamy milk chocolate*, decadent semisweet and bittersweet chocolate come in 1-pound bags or a 10-pound bar.

*9/14/22 Note:  Due to supplier issues, we are unable to obtain Peter’s Ultra milk chocolate.  Our milk chunk chocolate is currently Peter’s Ascent, which we’ve found after extensive taste testing to be the closest flavor profile to Ultra.  If you have any questions about our milk chocolate offerings, please contact our office.

We cannot guarantee that the 10-pound bars will not break during shipping. No refunds are available on broken bars.

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4 reviews for Chunk Chocolate

  1. don kelly

    great service

  2. Marilynn Brown

    Tops! Above ALL!

  3. Marilynn Brown


  4. Martin Stewart

    It’s all MINE MINE MINE!

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