Cordial Cherries Box


(16 customer reviews)

These plump, sweet cherries are soaked in brandy and aged two months before being double-dipped in milk or bittersweet chocolate and foil wrapped.

For your enjoyment, Boehm’s uses real liquor to produce genuine, full-bodied flavors in our confections.  Candies containing liquor have an alcohol content that is one percent or less of the weight of the product. 

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16 reviews for Cordial Cherries Box

  1. Fran G.

    Dark chocolate coridial cherries are a traditional Christmas treat! Best you’ll ever have!!

  2. Elisa Dowell

    The very best chocolate covered cherries I have ever had. It has become a Chrietmas tradition

  3. Richard Connelly

    By far the best cherry cordials I’ve had anywhere. Forget that thick white too-sweet syrup with a maraschino cherry. These cherries are obviously less processed aside from soaking in real brandy. You can still taste the brandy and they have a small alcohol bite to them but it’s not overwhelming. The syrup inside is very flavorful but somewhat thin so don’t try biting one in half. Used to buy these in person, now I order them from my home in Pittsburgh as a Christmas treat.

  4. Brad

    OH MY! Best cherry cordials you could ever have.

  5. Joanne

    To die for!!!!

  6. Lawrence Ogershok


  7. Mary Hughs

    Excellent the best ever

  8. Betsy Dowling

    I had it written into my divorce decree that he had to send me a pound of Boehm’s cherry cordials every year on my birthday and our former anniversary. Sweet revenge.

  9. Cindy Wolf

    Brandied cherries are my favorite candy. I try them at every shop. Hands down these are the best!

  10. Debbie

    Amazing chocolates!

  11. Christopher Shean

    This year I thought I’d try cherry cordials from a company reputed to be the best. Big mistake!! Boehm’s are by far the best…better chocolate, better cherries.

  12. Brett Roberts

    Truly the best Cherry Cordials I have ever tried.

  13. Patrick Johns

    Best chocolate covered cherries. My wife’s annual indulgence.

  14. Richard

    The Best you will ever try!!!!! You won’t be able to eat any other kind again.

  15. Tamara

    Simply decadent ! By far the best cherry cordials ever !

  16. Sarah

    I’ve been looking for chocolate cherries where you can actually taste the alcohol for a while. These just arrived and are absolutely decadent and just what I was looking for. So grateful ❤️ thank you

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