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An internet kid sensation, Blippi, visited Boehm’s in late August 2018.  The video debut of his visit to Boehm’s came out in early February 2019 and gained over 2 million views in just 1 week!  Watch and eat along as he makes a chocolate molded B, a Mt. Rainier, and some delicious Rocky Road.

Box Contents: 1 Milk Chocolate B, 1 Milk Chocolate Mt. Rainier, 6 oz Milk Chocolate Rocky Road, 1 Milk Chocolate foiled Bumble Bee

This box was inspired by Blippi’s visit and the requests from customers after watching his video.

Molded Chocolate B (solid milk chocolate), Mt. Rainier (sliced maraschino cherries in a caramel/vanilla fudge), Rocky Road (marshmallows, almonds, milk chocolate), Foiled Bumble Bee (milk chocolate).


12 reviews for Eat Along Box

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew Inman

    Let me profess, I would have never known of your amazing chocolate factory had it not been for the toddler renown Blippi. Because of the aforementioned fact, we are going to place an internet order, fro California.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brittnee Johnson

    My son was thrilled when he received his “Blippi Chocolate” that his daddy surprised him with. We can’t wait to eat our Boehms treats here in Austin, TX! Thanks for sharing this with us all.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laura Powell

    We’re from the UK and our children LOVE Blippi and after watching his Episode at Boehms we just had to have a look… if you ship to UK we would love to try your Chocolate.

    • Boehms Management

      Hello Laura,

      Thank you for your interest. We typically do not ship outside of the US due to potential delays in customs that could result in the possibility of chocolates melting, as well as the increase in shipping charges internationally. However, since it is Winter time and the chances of chocolate melting is slim this time of year, we could offer this: USPS has a International Medium Flat Rate box which would fit one Eat Along Box presentation, and also the contents of a second box. The USPS shipping rate would be $80 -based off of the box size, not the weight. If you were to pack as much as you could in the box (as mentioned above) the grand total would come to $115. Please email to process this order as our website will not take international orders.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniel Valin

    Hey have to get some chocolate cause of blippi I wld totally buy him a beer

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ashley Reilly

    Thanks to Blippi, we now have a new favorite source for chocolate! Our kids love Blippi, and after watching the episode from your chocolate factory a few times we had to try some. Everything we got was so yummy! We will be ordering again and again!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Found out about Boehm’s because if Blippi! My mom lives in Washington and we are now adding the chalet to one of our vacation stops this summer!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    My Twins are Crazy over Blippi and wouldn’t let me live it down if I didn’t purchase this chocolate. Lots to Learn about “BLIPPI”!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was fortunate enough to grow up in the Seattle area. My grandfather, Dad, and myself have been customers of Boehms for 40 plus years. I moved to CA and didnt think about Boehms until my 2 and 4 years boys were watching their very favorite character Blippi and there it was, my childhood chocolate store. Fortunately my dad still lives in the area and he was coming down to visit. He picked up a couple of boxes and the rest is history. My boys enjoyed watching Blippi and enjoyed the tasty treats even more. Thank you Boehms, now there have been four generations of the my family that have enjoyed and devoured your chocolates.

    • Boehms Management

      Thank you so much for sharing this. We are happy to hear that Boehm’s can be a part of your memories and also connecting the generations together. Enjoy the chocolates and keep creating those sweet moments in life! =)

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lacey H.

    This is such a clever idea! Not only did my daughters (2 and 6) get to have fun eating along to Blippi, there was more than enough for Mom to eat along too (for educational purposes, of course)! Everything was SO GOOD! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create special memories and experience a taste of Boehm’s Candies in Missouri!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marietta Sostrom

    Daughter watches Blippi because she loves him. We watch Blippi for places to visit since moving to the Pacific Northwest 😁. Just seen the episode about the chocolate factory. Totally planing a trip this weekend to see this incredible place. Going to buy a couple of these Blippi chocolate packages and a little chocolate for ourselves of course lol. Yuuummmm can’t wait!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amanda Adams

    Found out about yall thanks to Blippi!!!!!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    HeatherTS & Rowan

    We haven’t quite tasted the chocolate yet but because of Blippi we discovered Boehm’s chocolates! We also think that the eat along package was a wonderful idea and can’t wait to try it! Rowan it’s super excited!! We love all of the educational information she gets from watching her favorite YouTuber!

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