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This fabulous melt-away confection is balanced to perfection. The individually wrapped Encores come in six different flavors including Almond, Black & White, Raspberry, Rum, and Mocha, Mint.  A great gift for the office or any occasion! 6 oz. box.


7 reviews for Encores

  1. Doris Newton-Skinner

    The Mint ones are perfect. Just the right amount of mint. They are the perfect size.

  2. Karin Gjerde

    The Black & Whites are my favorite. The taste combination is just right and so smooth.

  3. Caitlyn Zaragoza

    Such good chocolate!!!

  4. June, A.campbell

    Love this place years back my sister sent me on a bus to come to watch the making of delicious handmade, candys and to meet the original owner and hear his story and the beautiful little chapel!

  5. kelli Miller

    Sp glad they have curb side service during this “stay at home” I ordered the Black and White!!! they are the BEST!

  6. niki

    I’ve had the mint and the raspberry and both are fantastic! The mint is my personal fav. I love these and everyone is excited when Santa brings them or when we buy them other times of the year.

  7. Edie

    Are these like Frangos?

    • Boehms Management

      Yes, they are similar!

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