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Flüngs are a tangy candy treat! Let the corn starch wafer shell dissolve in your mouth to reveal the sour, yet sweet powdery sugar center! (1 oz. bag)


2 reviews for Flüngs

  1. Kathleen Claire

    Interesting texture and taste. Yummy if you like tart and sweet.

  2. Kryshaun Bolar-Turchiano

    OMG!!!! I used to eat these as a kid back in like 1996-1998 ish! I loved these!!! My mom told me they were real cardboard and id go around pretending to eat cardboard sour candy! Years later as an adult (31) I kept remembering as flumes and could not find them anywhere and finally google has blessed me with my most recent search and here we are! Gonna buy a pack for old time sake and let my kiddo try them! Never stop making these nostalgic treats!!!

    • Boehms Management

      Love this, so glad you found us again! 🙂

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