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Flüngs are a tangy candy treat! Let the corn starch wafer shell dissolve in your mouth to reveal the sour, yet sweet center! (1 oz. bag)

Special Price – 2 for $1.00 or 20 for $9.95!


2 reviews for Flüngs

  1. Jennie Schneider

    I love these. We used to get them back in the late 90’s at the Boehms kiosk at the mall. I was super excited to find them at the shop in Issaquah the other day. Taste just like I remember. Thanks for bringing Flungs back!!

  2. D. Markle

    My first trip to Boehms & I found Flungs. I’d never heard of them but took a chance on these unique flying saucer shaped candies…and was hooked! I tried seeking shops around here that carried them but to no avail. These are very similar to the Belguim treat called Satellites. So yummy!

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