Misc. Goldline 1/4 lb Bulk for Pick up Only


Marzipan, Gianduja & MORE!

Available for pick up only!  

Quarter pound increments of some of our most favorite Goldline confections such as Apricots, Marzipan, Gianduja, Pacific Rim Fantasia, Arancini, and Ginger.

If more than one quantity is chosen of the same type we will automatically put together in a larger bag.  ie. if you select a quantity of 2 quarter pound increments of Milk Ginger you will receive a half pound in one bag.  If you wish to have them in separate 1/4lb bags please note this at check out in the Order Notes section.

**This item is not suitable for shipping or a gift, as it comes in a bulk over-the-counter bag.  Please see our giftboxes for shipping or gift presentations**


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  • Apricots – Glazed apricots covered in Milk or Dark chocolate
  • Marzipan – Almond paste coated in bittersweet chocolate
  • Gianduja – Chocolate infused hazelnut paste sandwiched between dark chocolate and milk chocolate striping
  • Pacific Rim Fantasia – A deliciously exotic fusion or dark and milk chocolates with Fuji apples, mushroom salts and cactus flower honey
  • Arancini – Candied orange peel from Italy covered in Milk or Dark chocolate (Currently Out of Dark)
  • Ginger – Ginger from Fiji coated in Milk or Dark chocolate


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