Mozart Kugeln Box


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The Boehm’s Mozart Kugeln is our very special version of a grand, old European favorite: a filbert confection is wrapped carefully around a marzipan center, and each piece is double-dipped in either rich milk or bittersweet chocolate and then foil wrapped.


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6 reviews for Mozart Kugeln Box

  1. Chavaleh

    No words for how extraordinary these beautiful things are!

  2. Jim Morris

    I first had these in 1982 as a new resident of Washington and stop at Boehm’s every chance I get now, even though I am in Bellingham in seniors residence now.

  3. Steve Krom

    So much better than the ones you buy in Europe. Heavenly.

  4. Kate Moody

    I love these as gifts for piano students and choir members.

  5. Larry Stone

    Roll over, Paul Fürst! The best Mozartkugeln are here.

  6. Barb Barber

    A sweet memory of old-time Issaquah and Mr Boehm.

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