Gummy & Candy Bags


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Depending on availability, flavors include:  Fruit Salad, Peach Rings, Twin Cherries, Gummy Worms, Sour Patch Kids, Happy Colas, Jelly Belly Beans, Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears, Gummy Bears, Cinnamon Bears, Swedish Fish, Orange Slices, Sharks, Mint Lentils, Jordan Almonds, Black Liquorice Scotty Dogs, Lemon Creme Almonds, Mango Gummy Bears, Strawberry Gummy Bears

Currently out of stock: Dinosaurs,  Blackberries and Raspberries, Fruit Salad, Lemon Creme Almonds, Jordan Almonds, Mint Lentils, Black Liquorice Scotty Dogs

1 review for Gummy & Candy Bags

  1. Rachel Nunez

    The chocolate covered gummy bears are amazing! My mom shipped some to me and they kept so well and were delicious. I’ve had them before but moved, and it was a great suprise.

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