Sugar Free Assortment – 8 pc


(2 customer reviews)

This 8 piece sugar free gift box is a combination of soft centers, clusters, and caramels.  These surprisingly sugar free chocolates will fool your taste buds!  Gift box may vary in contents due to inventory and may look different than picture shown.



2 reviews for Sugar Free Assortment – 8 pc

  1. Brenda Arney

    I have not purchased the assorments, however I did purchase the sea-salt caramels. They were amazing! Couldn’t tell them apart from sugared caramels. Loved them and wish I had bought more. Will definitely get more next time I’m in Washington.

  2. Carole Gray

    My family had a tradtion of at Christmas and Easter. We would go to Boehms and pick out a treat. Boehms has been a very special part of my family’s history..Thank you

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