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Quarter-pound increments of our line of sugar-free chocolates sweetened with maltitol.

These candies are packed in our over-the-counter paper bags and are best for in-store pick up.  If you select FedEx shipping, we cannot guarantee their appearance upon arrival and the candies may be scuffed or broken.

Please see our sugar-free catalog page  for gift presentations.


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Sold in 1/4 pound increments

1 review for Sugar Free – Bulk

  1. Sandy

    I’d give 5 stars for taste but they use Maltitol as their sugar alternative which causes major stomach bloating, gas and diarrhea. Also, Maltitol has a Glycemic Index of 52 (sugar is 60), so it will cause a rise in blood sugars. Finally, it’s not a calorie free sweetener…2-3 carb calories per mg and they use more of it than sugar in the recipe because it’s not as sweet. So no reduced calorie benefit. With all of the no calorie, non-GI effect sweeteners out there, I think a change to something like monk fruit, stevia, or sucralose would really take these to a 5 star rating. I love Boehms candy, I just can’t do sugar anymore. Help a girl out, please!

    • Boehms Management

      Hello Sandy,

      I’m glad you enjoy the sugar free chocolates we carry. We do not produce chocolate itself (roasting, winnowing, grinding, pressing, etc.), but instead purchase chocolate from a few different suppliers and make confections from that. We do not have control over what sweeteners they use. We have in the past tried a few other varieties but the taste did not compare. Unfortunately, as sad as it makes us to say this, you may probably have to pursue some artisan manufacturer who uses the more unique sugar replacements you mentioned.

      Wishing you a wonderful 2021 -Happy New Year!

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