Whorl Coins


Inspired by 19th century Coast Salish spindle whorl art, Seattle native Joseph Crabcat allows us to experience the true Salish spirit while savoring Boehm’s delicious milk chocolate.

Merging tradition with highly edible innovation, now anyone can enjoy the timeless Salish journey as it continues with these recreations of classic Coast Salish spindle whorl art.  Originally carved from wood, the spindle whorl was used by Coast Salish women to spin their wool into yarn.  Using a spindle fitted with a large wooden whorl, Salish women spun the wool of mountain goats as well as specially bred dogs.

More information about whorls and our collaboration can be found here.

Packaged in bulk candy bags and sold in quarter-pound increments (approx. 20 coins).

Designs from Left to Right – Thunderbird, Weaving Woman, Otter

    • 5 $
    • 5 $
    • 5 $

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