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We are excited to host your group at Boehm’s for a guided tour!

To confirm your reservation, you will need to submit an acknowledgement of these policies (at end).

Important Notes for 2021 Guided Tours (we hope to return to normal tours in 2022):

  • Cost of tour – $100 for private tour up to 8 participants
    • $20 non-refundable fee upon confirming
    • If your group is more than 8 people we may be able to accommodate in two separate groups, starting at different locations.
      • Please note that each group of up to 8 participants would be $100 and would require a $20 non-refundable deposit for each group.
  • Two adult minimum required for each group of 8
  • Tours last approximately 35-40 minutes.  It is best to plan for a one hour stay if you would also like to visit the retail store or stroll the grounds.
  • Please arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled tour time and send one representative into our retail storefront to check-in and pay.  If you are more than five minutes late, it is likely that we will be unable to give the tour or may have to skip parts in order for us to stay on schedule with our production needs.  Please note that our public restroom is closed.
  • Your tour guide will explain factory rules to you during your tour.  As a working factory, rules and policies must be strictly adhered to.  We reserve the right to end the tour at any time without a refund due to disorderly conduct or any behavior not suited for our factory or facility.
    • Follow instructions given by your tour guide at all times
    • Masks must be worn at all times during the tour -regardless of age, health, or vaccination status (we encourage you to bring your own mask)
      •  Per our guidelines we are unable to host children on the guided tour younger than 2 years old
      • Masks must be worn by all participants during the entirety of the tour
        • We have immune compromised staff and we thank you for your understanding in our mask policy as it will be strictly enforced
    • Each person must pass a wellness check at beginning of tour
    • Hand sanitation (provided) or gloves must be worn upon entering the factory
    • No wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers allowed during the tour.  Front/backpacks are suggested for young children needing to be held during the tour (whom also need a face covering).
    • Stay with your tour guide at all times
    • Due to limited space, all participants must be willing to be in close quarters (same household/pod) but, must remain 6ft from all staff members and stay an arm’s length away from tables and machinery
    • Refrain from chatter while the tour guide is speaking
    • Refrain from talking on your phone during the tour. If you must answer your phone please notify your tour guide and they can direct you to an exit -you may miss part of the tour.
    • Do not touch anything unless permission is given
  • Please do not park directly in front of the retail store.  You are welcome to park in the second row in front of our store, our side parking lot, or on the street above the store.
  • Cameras are allowed for personal use (please no video or selfie sticks).  Please be respectful of our staff and others on your tour and ask for permission before taking head shots.  Commercial use or exploitation for profit of any pictures or video is not allowed without written permission from Boehm’s Candies, Inc.  Boehm’s reserves the right to pursue legal action.
  • No outside food or beverage is allowed in the factory, chalet, or chapel.
  • There is a fair amount of walking involved during our guided tour, including stairs and gravel.  If you would prefer a tour of just the factory  please indicate so now by phone or email (the rate would remain the same).
  • In keeping with FDA guidelines, service animals are not permitted on the factory portion of our tour.  If you require accommodations to tour only the chalet and chapel with a service animal, please let us know upon making your reservation.
  • On weekdays after 3:00 pm, weekends, and holidays, NO live production of candy making will be viewable during a tour.  Monitors are located throughout the factory during these times to help show the production when it is in normal practice.
  • The High Alpine Chapel will be unavailable for viewing if there is the occasional scheduled wedding or function (generally occurring on the weekends)
  • Historical artwork on display may depict nudity or religious aspects created by the original artist and cannot be altered or removed on the tour.
  • Due to the unknown and constant changes coming about with Covid-19, we reserve the right to cancel reservations based off of updated CDC, State, and Federal guidelines.  A full refund will be given under these circumstances.
  • If any changes to your reservation must take place please provide us no less than 48 hrs so we can either reschedule or provide an exchange for product.
  • ·        While we have put into place health and safety precautions, all guests must understand the inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 which can exist in any public place.

    • It is your responsibility to make sure all participants are aware of our guidelines.  By confirming this reservation, you are acknowledging that you understand and will pass on the information above.

Please acknowledge that you have read and understand the above policies and will be sure all participants in your group are aware of our guidelines by submitting your name and previously provided confirmation code below.

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